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This post at scATX is a MUST-READ: Proof. “What’s that, all you lady scientists? Bias? I don’t know. Do you have PROOF?” Advertisements

THE HUNGER GAMES Movie: It Has Black In It.

Book Review


Like Sherwood Anderson’s Youngstown, Ohio, Michael T. Darkow’s Our Promised Land is told in episodes, which retain common characters but shift focus among multiple settings, plot lines, and time periods. Unlike Anderson’s classic work, however, Darkow’s novel is not a coming of age tale but rather a study of human helplessness in the face of […]

Recap: CBS is airing an ad during the Superbowl featuring star college quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, discussing how Pam chose to carry Tim to term instead of having a doctor-suggested abortion. IIRC, the commercial is sponsored by Focus on the Family and is supposed to inspire us all to criminalize abortion. First: […]

Congress and/or the DOD are holding hearings today to determine whether and to what extent to repeal DADT. Among Congress’s concerns are whether to require all servicemembers to disclose their orientation and whether to extend healthcare and other benefits to same-sex partners. Which sounds like business as usual in Washington, only with a good-doobie progressive-thinking […]

20:57: State of the Union is on every channel except WXSP, which is showing reruns of something called “The Unit.” Guess I can choose my own talking heads. 21:00: Congressman Joe Wilson is warming up in the back. 21:01: PBS is still extolling its sponsors. Commercials? On MY PBS? It’s more common than you think. […]

I think I have just eaten Dembski’s probabilitistic lunch, but I need someone who knows more about probability theory than I do to check my work. I will try to explain in a way normal mortals can understand. 😛 In his book on intelligent design, Dembski argues, among other things, that certain biological structures cannot […]