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Because I have been uneducated, uninformed, and unimpressed by the media’s overall coverage of the health care reform battle, I’ve decided to read the bill myself. Like all bills introduced into Congress, the full text of the bill is available at The health care reform bill is HR 3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choices […]

Originally published in two parts at Dreamwidth. Instead, I’ll be catching up on Troy Anthony Davis’s freestanding innocence claim, which has just been filed as a plea for original writ in SCOTUS. IIRC, SCOTUS has not granted an original writ of habeas corpus since 1925. (EDIT: in re Grossman, 267 U.S. 87 (1925). My memory […]

I’d do this entire post in other people’s quotes, but it wouldn’t make much sense. So, Obama’s election is great; Prop 8 sucks. As digby notes, “It’s as if we just can’t be America unless we are taking active steps to marginalize somebody.” And now I’m very confused. On the one hand, California is telling […]

Dear fellow Conservative-Americans, Let me be the first to welcome you to the United Socialist States of Fascist Baby-Eaters. Yes, we are both socialist and fascist. How? Easy! The first rule of the United Socialist States of Fascist Baby-Eaters is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF FASCIST BABY-EATERS! The second rule […]

My absentee ballot arrived today. Whee! (If you’re looking to compare candidates and “pre-vote” your own ballot, has a handy tool for just such a task.) Goals: 1.) Do not destroy the country. 2.) MEDICINAL WEED. 3.) Vote for at least one candidate from every available party. The parties I can choose among are […]

Some of you may remember this not-all-that-clever-but-there-it-is bit from last night’s liveblog of the third Presidential go-round: 10:15: McCain: “Health” of the mother is a joke. Naturally, this is not what Senator McCain said. In so many words, anyway. What McCain actually said was: Just again, the example of the eloquence of Senator Obama. He’s […]

9:30: McCain: Whhhiiinnneee…your ads are meeeeeen…. 9:31: Obama: Let’s talk about John Lewis, who is not running for President. 9:32: Obama: Your followers think I’m a terrorist who should be killed. You did not tell them to shut up. QUIT TALKING MCCAIN I AM SERIOUS HERE. We are not here to hold another referendum on […]