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Ableist Crap


For having multiple ADA-recognized disabilities, for being reliant on a cane and the kindness of others, and for having dealt with my disabilities my entire life, I sure am being an ableist nitwit today. It’s small comfort, to anyone who is not me, that I’m only being an ableist nitwit to myself. There’s a wonderful […]

If The Rotund is late to the 100-calorie pack party, then I’m hanging around the front yard the next morning trying to snag some empty beer cans. But upon reflection, 100-calorie packs = the diabolically clever new incarnation of the Roman edict to “give them bread and circuses.” Give them bread, but give it to […]

Fat is Contagious: How Sitting Next to a Fat Person Can Make YOU Fat Get your copy while they last, people. Scienterrism waits for no man!