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Because I have been uneducated, uninformed, and unimpressed by the media’s overall coverage of the health care reform battle, I’ve decided to read the bill myself. Like all bills introduced into Congress, the full text of the bill is available at The health care reform bill is HR 3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choices […]

It’s one of those days where a cane doesn’t feel like enough; one of those days where, despite all the medical insistence that fibromyalgia is not a progressive disease, I sense a wheelchair in my future. It’s also one of those days where my tendency toward solipsism bites me in the ass, since my serotonin […]

Ableist Crap


For having multiple ADA-recognized disabilities, for being reliant on a cane and the kindness of others, and for having dealt with my disabilities my entire life, I sure am being an ableist nitwit today. It’s small comfort, to anyone who is not me, that I’m only being an ableist nitwit to myself. There’s a wonderful […]

Posted by popular request, so as to make easier the printing out and the stapling on people’s foreheads. In the category Things I Am Sick of Explaining to People: Stress as a Trigger for Chronic Illness 1.) Stress is a major trigger for many chronic illnesses. 2.) People who suffer from chronic illnesses, particularly those […]