We’ll Talk About DADT, But It Won’t Make You Equal


Congress and/or the DOD are holding hearings today to determine whether and to what extent to repeal DADT. Among Congress’s concerns are whether to require all servicemembers to disclose their orientation and whether to extend healthcare and other benefits to same-sex partners. Which sounds like business as usual in Washington, only with a good-doobie progressive-thinking sort of twist. Right?

…Except that the very fact that this hearing is being held says that Congress has no intention of allowing GLBT soldiers to serve as anything but second-class citizens.

Because it’s really very simple. If you believe non-heterosexual soldiers should serve their country on the same footing as heterosexual soldiers, you repeal DADT wholesale. You give everyone the same benefits and the same treatment, no matter who’s which is going in who’s what. Simple. Problem solved.

The fact that Congress is spending taxpayer dollars on debating on what terms GLBT soldiers should be allowed to serve in the armed forces says flat out that Congress has already decided those terms will not be equal. GLBT soldiers will remain second-class citizens; now Congress just has to fight over how much second-classness they’ll be subjected to.

Not only am I totally gobsmacked by the obvious disparate treatment going on here, I’m also shocked that Congress is not the least bit ashamed of it. If they were, they’d find a way to keep it out of the news. Yet they’re not. In fact, they’re crowing about it. And we’re all supposed to believe this is the cookie Obama promised during his campaign. Don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.


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