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I think I have just eaten Dembski’s probabilitistic lunch, but I need someone who knows more about probability theory than I do to check my work. I will try to explain in a way normal mortals can understand. 😛 In his book on intelligent design, Dembski argues, among other things, that certain biological structures cannot […]

or, “A Christmas Tale” Deadlines are looming, so I am trying to churn out a few more pieces of creative nonfiction what I think are not total crap. Today, I started on one about how we will not be terraforming Mars anytime soon, which segued nicely into a story about the guy I once dated […]

Bob Dylan claims to have made a Christmas album. I submit that it is not possible for Bob Dylan to make a Christmas album, because the lyrics of Christmas songs are so familiar as to be decipherable by just about everyone, and any song with decipherable lyrics is by definition not a Bob Dylan song. […]