So Here Is an Irony


A few days after my last post (in which I recapped the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act, Part I, for your health and enjoyment), I was admitted to the hospital with primary insomnia of unknown cause. I had not slept for eight days and was seeing things. And by “things,” I mean “mostly centipedes.” I’d have preferred some statuesque British men, but I had no choice in the matter.

I spent a total of ten non-consecutive days in the hospital and now have $11,000 of medical bills I cannot pay because the condition for which I was admitted to the hospital, and my extended absence from work caused by being in the hospital, cost me my job.

That’s $11,000 AFTER INSURANCE, by the way.

I should point out that I worked as an attorney and had insurance through the mid-sized law firm at which I was an associate. By which I mean to point out that even the so-called “well-off” can be hosed in a hot second under our current “system.”

Less on healthcare, more on local politics, imminently.


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