Successful Manifesting, Part One: The Rabbit Hole is an Analogy for a Rabbit Hole


A few days ago, the fine individual behind Dream Manifesto, LLC Twitter-added me, giving me the unparalleled opportunity to download an astonishing new e-book for free. Which is about the right price given its contents.

The title page says “this information is copyrighted by Dream Manifesto, LLC 2008.” The U.S. Copyright Office says this copyright (or any copyright by this LLC) was never registered, which basically means I could reprint the entire thing here and they’d have no cause of action whatsoever. Also, if they’d registered, they’d know “copyright” is NOT A VERB.

So! We charge forth.

The full title of this action-packed e-volume is The Principles of Successful Manifesting (TM): How to Live your Life Dreams in Abundance and Prosperity. Or possibly it’s The Principles of Successful Manifesting: The Quantum Method for Manifesting Your Life Dreams. The e-cover and e-title page do not agree. I suppose that’s why this is only Revision 1.26?

The Introduction begins with a cheery “Welcome to the endless potential that is You!” Thanks, but I’ve been here a while.

Then we learn “Everything in your life is a result of what you know, what you experience and how you interact with your consciousness. These elements make up the ultimate source from which everything else evolves.” To make this clearer, here’s a handy diagram:

And to think I spent a week in sixth grade memorizing all the noble gases. Pah.

“However, with this report and with a positive attitude to learn, you can go as deeply down into the rabbit hole as you wish. The rabbit hole is an analogy for your willingness to explore the unknown.”

Or, possibly, the rabbit hole is an analogy from the nonsensical depths from which this e-book arose.

“Please read this e-book with an open mind. You don’t have to believe everything that is written here – just explore as a scientist would do.”

With e-measurements, e-observation, and e-repeatable experimentation under controlled conditions. E-fabulous! And that’s just the Introduction. What e-joys await us in the actual book?

According to the e-Table of Contents, we’re about to explore such wisdom as “Imagination – Your Magic Virtual Reality World,” (now with Turbo Button!), “What is the Law of Attraction?” (hint – its archenemy is the Dryer Sheet), and “10 Impeding Beliefs that Prevent You From Getting Rich” (for instance, “I need to eat and pay rent”).

What’s next? Oo, I can’t wait!

Chapter One, “Exploring the Source of Happiness,” starts out with the singular notion that people everywhere just want to be happy. I thought people everywhere just wanted to be free, or for me to buy them a Coke and keep them company. War, what is it good for?

Then a paragraph from Baby’s First Deism, a sentence or two of Baby’s First Social Darwinism, and then this:

“Take a good look at your life right now. Where do you live? What does your furniture look like? What kind of car do you drive? How much money is in your bank account? Look in the mirror – how do you look? Everything has been manifested one way or the other, by you.”

I do wish someone would tell Ford about this. Surely they can manifest a better car than the Escort I bought thirteen years ago…they just aren’t.

“Have My Thoughts Created All This?
Yes! Whatever you see in the physical universe has been created in one way or the other by your thoughts.”


“If you worry about getting all those bills paid you will create more of the same thing, simply because you have thought about it. Your thoughts are nothing more than frequencies or vibrations that resonate with similar vibrations already existing. Place two guitars side by side and pluck a string on one. The string on the other guitar will start vibrating, even though you haven’t touched it. It is the principle of resonance. Fascinating, isn’t it?”

Listen, I realize Schrodinger more or less postulated living creatures as wave-functions, but this is taking it a bit far, don’t you think?

Coming next, “Baby’s First Skills in Goal-Setting.” And heaven knows, we can’t miss that.


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