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Although I bitch about it, there are days I’m really glad I do civil defense, not criminal defense. There are days I’m utterly grateful for the luxury of being just another private citizen with just another personal opinion I feel totally justified in voicing to anyone who will listen. Lately, most of those days have […]

I’m reading the transcript in Sanford United School District v. Redding, oral argument of which took place today. I am also taking notes. They are, as usual, snarky and amusing. Says me. Redding, in case you don’t recall, is the case in which the eighth-grader was strip-searched in search of ibuprofen she didn’t actually have. […]

David Gorski settles Jenny McCarthy’s hash. Or he would, if McCarthy’s hash wasn’t so tenaciously unsettleable. I, however, am hung up on a related topic: the idea that McCarthy not only “cured” her son’s autism, but thinks that this is a good thing. I’ve had a high-functioning autistic in my circle of best-beloveds for a […]

A few days ago, the fine individual behind Dream Manifesto, LLC Twitter-added me, giving me the unparalleled opportunity to download an astonishing new e-book for free. Which is about the right price given its contents. The title page says “this information is copyrighted by Dream Manifesto, LLC 2008.” The U.S. Copyright Office says this copyright […]

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part Six. Chapter Whichever-It-Is, “Infiltrating Politics,” is the best set of Cliffs Notes I’ve yet seen on What All Is Supposed To Happen That’s Wrote Down In That “Revelations” Thingy. Only it’s all supposed to happen in The Year 2000. checks watch* I certainly hope […]