Satan’s “Evangelism,” Part Four: Armageddon


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

The title is a lie. (That Satan!) Chapter Six of Lutzer and DeVries’ Satan’s “Evangelistic” Strategy for This New Age (available on Amazon for just nineteen cents!) is actually about Moral Relativism.

I had hoped to set up a Battle of the Evangelical Wordmeisters between Lutzer and DeVries and Ryan Dobson, son of The One James Dobson and author of Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Just Stupid, another rip-roaring adventure tale on the evils of moral relativism, but no go. Lutzer & DeVries and Dobson might use the same words, but they aren’t talking about the same thing.

This is Armageddon because Lutzer and DeVries and I…actually agree. *thunderclap*

Our intrepid authors argue that the New Age spew about how “you are your own God” and “your truth is not my truth” is utter nonsense and no basis for a civilized society. I don’t even need Jesus hanging out in my heart for this one: they’re right. At least, they’re right insofar as what they so strenuously oppose is the popular misunderstanding of “you are your own God,” which they have also adopted.

It works like this. Go to New Age seminar. Hear that you don’t have to go wandering around in the woods to find God, ’cause God is You. Decide that means your every selfish whim is Good Shit, and become a total shit as a result.

Too many people have bought the “you are your own God” line precisely because it allows them to succumb to the whims of their egos. What these people are the most likely of the entire lecture hall to miss, however, is that when the lecturer says “you are God,” s/he does NOT mean “your petty-ass individual ego is God.” S/he means “the deepest part of you that is beyond the vagaries of whim, want, emotion, or desire, the part of you that Will Not Be Moved…THAT is God. Go talk to it.”

And they won’t, because this is, of course, the one thing the full-egos won’t do. Face mySELF? OMFG HALP! This is what Lutzer and DeVries won’t do, either, as admitting that this is the intent of the message might require them to analyze whether “shut up and listen to the still small voice within” is good advice (hey, Jonah did it!), which might lead to a giant hole in their entire war on Hinduis- I mean, the New Age. We can’t have that. It won’t sell books.

But insofar as Lutzer and DeVries are against a world run by a bunch of egos, yes, I am wholeheartedly on their side.

What a letdown, eh? Stay tuned. Chapter Seven harangues esotericism, and since I own a T-shirt that says “FIGHT EXOTERICISM,” we all know where I stand on that. šŸ˜‰


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