Defining “Oppression”


This post about the Islamic Fashion Festival is lovely, and the pictures are marvelous. The comments, however, are…less than great. Over 50% crap, actually, despite the valiant attempts of a few level-headed folk trying to talk sense over the great void of xenophobic nonsense.

I did, however, finally learn what “oppressed” and “liberated” mean in the context of arguing about Islamic women’s wear:

Oppression, n. 1: a woman wearing clothing of her choice. 2: a woman wearing clothing appropriate to her culture and/or religion. 3: a woman wearing more clothing than the speaker believes is appropriate.

Liberation, n. A woman wearing clothing the speaker believes women should wear.

Well gee, that was easy.

I’m not going to argue that many, many women in this world, Muslim or not, are oppressed, because they’re women and we got the short end of that particular stick. But honestly – if you really care that women are oppressed, effing do something about it. Mocking their clothing? NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. FAIL.


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