It’s Like the Definition of Privilege


I’d do this entire post in other people’s quotes, but it wouldn’t make much sense.

So, Obama’s election is great; Prop 8 sucks. As digby notes, “It’s as if we just can’t be America unless we are taking active steps to marginalize somebody.”

And now I’m very confused. On the one hand, California is telling me that gays aren’t quiiiite people, but are sorrrrta a kind of quasi-incompetent. On the other, several acquaintances are telling me that black Presidents-Elect aren’t quiiiite people, but sorrrrta a kind of monkey, and that that’s totally not racist if a white person says it is not racist. (See the title of this post.)

So please, Internets, riddle me this: How am I supposed to treat black gay people?

Since the first openly gay person I ever knew is also black, and since many of my GLBTQsalad friends since then are also of less-than-lily-white persuasions, this is very important. Am I supposed to treat them as less than human because of their genitalia preference, or because of their skin colour? I want to get this right, so I can prove to my Whitey White Overlords that I am a bone fide True American(TM).

Please help! Otherwise the Overlords will send me back to the ghettoes to live with the rest of the “dirty gypsies.” And I worked so hard to be born pale….


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