There’s an Election On?


I hear there’s some kind of “election” today, yes?

Unfortunately, I was damned to the bowels of my office all day, pounding out evidentiary objections for no apparent billable purpose and to the absolute detriment of my wit.  (They’re not even in LOLspeak!)  But here are the most important things you need to know before the polls close:

Election Day Special: Know Your Swing States, a Fafblog.

;Fox News Channel Election Day LiveBlog, courtesy of Bill Wolfrum.  A millennium from now, aliens are going to find this post…and it will tell them all they ever wanted to know about our lost civilization.

Finally, don’t hang up your political pants yet: the guy who’s still President has 77 days to go, and he’s planning to trash the place on his way out.  He thinks we’re not looking.


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