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At A Truly Elegant Mess: Who wakes up and says “I wish I could be oppressed too”? Advertisements

According to GenderAnalyzer, this blog is male. The Gender Genie agrees – and both clock out the blog’s maleness at 65%. I guess the 35% is when the blog bakes cookies and paints its toenails on the weekend? Meanwhile, Typealyzer analyzes your blog’s Myers-Briggs type. The blog is an INTP, which amuses me, because I […]

Brilliant post here: White People Think That People of Colour Have More Culture. The last time one of my friends (see “Letter to a Racist Friend”, below) said she “had no culture,” I very nearly started shouting “Lattes! Pencil skirts! Shania Twain! The Simpsons! Home on the Range! What the hell do you mean, ‘no […]

I’m a cranky critter today, but so far it has nothing to do with the office. It has everything to do with the fact that the rheumatologist wants me off Effexor XR and on Cymbalta, so I’m taking today off both, pursuant to his orders. And once again, I didn’t think the Effexor XR was […]



Google Reader has a game it likes to play with me. I will start kicking around a topic, usually in the shower, and just begin thinking, “you know, there’s a blog post there.” Then I will check Reader during my morning breakfast-and-blogreading…and there’s a blog post on that very topic. Reader did it again to […]

Can’t get much closer: I’ve been ableist-oppressing myself. Way to go, brain. I am, and always have been, one of those Type-A, driven, overachieving bastards you meet on the first morning of kindergarten and before snacktime comes you’ve already tied their pigtails round a flagpole. And until a few years ago, I didn’t know that […]

Dear Friend, This is not a letter I wanted to write. In writing it, I am taking two positions simultaneously; I am arguing, in a sense, as two different people, even though I am only one person. I have struggled for years over whether I even have a right to argue from both sides of […]