Another Reason I’m Voting for Obama


As most of you know and the rest are about to find out, I’m an attorney.  I like to think of myself as a medical malpractice attorney, but the truth is that I do a lot more insurance defense law than I’d like to admit.

Today, I’m drafting a motion for summary judgment on one of these far-too-easy-seriously-quit-suing-my-clients cases. And I know, even as I’m laying out the arguments that will get my own defendant (the insurance agent) off the hook, the insurance company will be able to use these same arguments to refuse health insurance coverage to the plaintiff, sticking him with medical bills exceeding half a million dollars, solely because they are able to argue that his surgeries all arose from a pre-existing condition.

Furthermore, I know that without health care coverage, this man will certainly die, leaving behind a wife and two children who are roughly the same ages as the Daughters Obama.

Obama’s health care plan would prevent this whole fiasco, solely by preventing the insurer from rescinding based on a pre-existing condition. Saving this man’s life will not cost the taxpayers a dime; it will cost the insurer $500,000 or whatever the insurer can bargain the hospital down to, which is a drop in the bucket compared to their quarterly profit margin. And this man isn’t the only one. Hell, he’s not even the only one in my office.

Sometimes, I hate my job. I really really hate that I’m not only making the argument that will indirectly kill this man, but that my argument correctly states both state and federal law. I would not hate my job today if the laws were different.

And that’s yet another reason I’m voting for Obama.


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