I almost don’t want to post this link, lest someone, somewhere, take it seriously.  But it’s such an overwhelming case of political misunderstanding, reading incomprehension, insular bigotry, and BIBLE FAIL that I can’t help but post it.

I take solace in the notion that it’s in the WorldNut Daily…and lose that solace immediately when I recall that this is America, where even nuts are allowed to vote.

You Cannot Be a Christian and Vote for Obama

Dear Ms. Porter: do us all a favor and quit calling yourself a Christian.


One Response to “BIBLE FAIL”

  1. I myself am not Christian, but my parents are and I really don’t get how Christians can actually be against Obama. The only explanation is that they’re completely out of touch with the basic teachings of their faith.

    I know a lot of extreme right-wing Christians doubt his sincerity because of his father’s religion and his past, but I think one really only needs to look at his actions and what kind of person he is. I’ve heard my parents say over and over that Obama isn’t a “true” Christian. What constitutes a “true” Christian, then? Is someone who cheats on his wife a real Christian? Is someone who doesn’t care about the poor and those without healthcare a true Christian? What about someone who doesn’t blink an eye at the deaths of thousands of innocent people? Well, according to my parents and a lot of Evangelicals I guess that is what a “true” Christian is. Because apparently McCain’s pro-choice policies and opposition to gay marriage overrides his failure at everything else.

    OK, sorry for the mini rant. Thanks for linking me, by the way. You certainly have an interesting collection of links for being a nonreligious witch 😉

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