Islam, Jesus, and America


If you can’t think of a reason to vote yet, this ought to inspire you:

I realize there is no good reason to convert to Islam apart from a sincere and passionate love of God. (Why no, I don’t think a fear of hell is a good reason to do anything; I have no interest in worshipping a God who is totally cool with my coming to Him out of abject terror for what will happen if I don’t. Why do you ask?)

But seriously – sometimes, people like this make me want to convert to Islam not because I love God (I do, btw), but to piss them off. (Well, that and the fashion. Wow! Probably an even worse reason to convert, though – “hi, I like your outfit, prophet who now?”)

The good news is that I can piss off this woman, and thousands more just like her, by voting for Obama. Yay! (Even though I am, technically, still a Green.)

The Actual Point of This Post, Which is Not, I Regret to Say, Fashion: What, exactly, are these people on about who are voting for McCain because of his “Christian values”?

This is the third time I’ve heard someone make that assertion (the first two were on NPR), and every time I hear it, I wonder which Gospels they’ve been reading, ’cause they sure aren’t the ones I read. Community organizer who helped poor people get housing and wants everyone to be able to get well when they get sick, versus Free-market-worshipping rich dude with seven houses. Really, it shouldn’t be that hard to tell which of them is more like Jesus. Or more like St. Paul, even – unless by “Christian values” they mean “rampaging misogyny.”

And: his mother was an atheist and his father Muslim (fyi: I don’t even know if either of these are true), and we should all be concerned about that? Um…darlin’, have you read the Bible? Jesus’s mother was no kind of a Christian. Neither was St. Paul’s. Or John the Baptist’s. Heck, John the Baptist’s father was caught praying over incense in a sacred temple where only the priests were ever allowed to go. Sounds pretty “elitist,” doesn’t it?

I, personally, don’t mind a bit if Obama’s mother ran her life without belief in God, or if his father loved God so much he prayed five times a day. I also don’t mind that Obama himself accepted Jesus as his Saviour.

Oh, and I vote.


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