T-Minus Two Hours to BONUS FUN! – I mean the debate…


While you’re waiting, enjoy this article from Fafblog:

Is Barack Obama part of the international black conspiracy to trick white people into thinking about racism? Answer: maybe.

I’m enjoying the local political ads. Like the Attorney General candidate who’s so tough on criminals, she’s locking them up before they’re even born. She would abort them, but Michigan doesn’t have the death penalty. Which sucks, because she wants those criminals to be so dead.

Or the one for the medical marijuana act that talks about how “OMG your kids will get TEH POTZ!!!” Oh, FFS. Your medicine cabinet is full of all kinds of Schedule-whatever controlled substances (mine has Dilaudid!), and your kids aren’t hopped up on those. Or if they are, it’s because you suck as a parent, not because some of us would like cheap pain and nausea meds that actually work.


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