Make-Believe Maverick


From Rolling Stone, on John McCain: Make-Believe Maverick

I believe this answers the recent burning question in my household, which is: “Why is it that every time we drive past a McCain/Palin sign, you howl ‘WHHHYYYY?!??!?!'”


2 Responses to “Make-Believe Maverick”

  1. 1 njtcommutertellsall

    McCain is only a maverick by the ORIGINAL definition of the word: a lost little cow.

    Check it out:

    The commuter.

  2. 2 Dani

    No way. He’s not nearly cute enough for that.

    Seriously, though, that makes sense. “We’re mavericks!” “You mean you’re about to fail and die because you had no idea what was going on and wound up all alone while the rest of the American Herd went in a totally opposite direction?”

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