Anesthesia and the Presidential Debates


I just remembered that I’ll be at my parents’ house Tuesday night, due to my need to go in for a Lidocaine infusion. (Pain management, whee!) My parents, while delightfully progressive folk in most other respects, have not progressed past the fine age of dial-up. So I will not be liveblogging Tuesday night’s debate. I apologize; I hear McCain has promised to “take the gloves off,” which I can only assume means that this time he’ll look at Obama while he’s pouting.

I noticed today that my Gmail Chat list consists of one gay man, one bisexual woman, one radically liberal Latina, one Muslim (excuse me, one “gangster-ass Muslim”), and one two-time felon. If that doesn’t say something about me I don’t know what does.

I apologize in advance for the lack of liveblogging on Tuesday night. I will, however, cook up a witty and delightful summary of the debate (and try to leave any Lidocaine-induced raving out of it). It’s the least I can do for my gangster-ass Muslim fanbase.


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