McCain Out to “Maverick” Up Women’s Health Care


The Center for American Progress Action Fund (I love that name, don’t you? So Justice League-y) and the Planned Parenthood Fund have parsed Senator McCain’s “health” “care” “proposals” and issued a report. You can read the summary here, or you can go whole hog and read the whole report here (nineteen pages, PDF).

I respect Senator McCain’s recent attempts to join the 21st century, what with his trip onto the newfangled “Internet” and all. But I recommend he catch up on Capitol Hill, as well. No one, among folk who can actually do a damn thing about it, is arguing over whether the United States needs nationalized health care anymore. That argument has been dead for twenty years. Likewise, the Folk In the Know are no longer arguing over the primary means of nationalizing health care anymore – the plan of choice is the Clinton Plan, and has been since at least 1992, when Sally Anne Payton (young architect of the Nixon transportation system) met the Republican Congressional leaders with her Icy Stare of Death. (She gave me an A, though.)

McCain, however, is so mavericktastic that he’s the only Washington “leader” left in America who still thinks health care can be left to the vagaries of the free market. Really, Senator. There’s being a “maverick,” and there’s being “totally out of touch with reality.” You are no longer the former.


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