Live from Pixie Manor, Pt V


9:45: Which is more dangerous, a nuclear Iran or a nuclear Pakistan? Well, since one actually exists and the other is just a fantasy, I think we know the answer to that shit. Don’t give the Persians a nuke! o~` We’ll try to stay serene and calm…when ALABAMA gets the bomb! o~` PS: a madrassa IS a school, genius.
9:47: Iraq is a central front in the War on Verb Of Choice because we made it one.
9:47: Palin gets to the core of these Iran questions…to force the candidates to pronounce “Ahmedinijad.” A for “Ahmedinijad”… F for “nucular.”
9:48: HENRY KISSINGER IS A WAR CRIMINAL…I mean, um, I met a Jew and someone hates our freedoms! Clear objectives! Diplomacy! Sanctions! Summit! So what on earth is the plan?
9:50: Joe: “I can pronounce Ahmedinijad too! Nyah!” Talk, motherfuckers! Use your words, not your fists! Use your fork, not your fingers! Use your indoor voice, Joe!
9:51: LOLOL, we are reminded that McCain doesn’t know who runs Spain, nor would he sit down with them, despite their being a NATO member and a longtime ally. REMEMBER THE MAINE, MANNED BY MCCAIN!
9:52: We’re going to commit Israel? … Israel was a stupid choice; everyone supports Israel. Obama even spends a bunch of time talking to synagogue congregations about it. Has Palin ever been inside a synagogue?
9:53: Pop Quiz: the country immediately to the north of Israel is_________.
9:54: We both love Israel! gigglesy! And now they want to point fingers at us! Silly silly! God DAMN, McCain/Palin had better not win…I can’t take four years of being talked to like I’m a cute little kindergartener who just asked who the Pwesident was.
9:55: He’s got a point, Palin. Tell us HOW things will change. Stop placating us that they will. WE ARE NOT CHILDREN.
9:56: Nucular weapons will kill people. Not like nuclear weapons, which are totally cool. It’s that third syllable that’s the killer.
9:57: Air-raiding villages and killing civilians…fighting terrorists and instilling democracy. Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe.
9:58: Does it bother anyone else that Biden has gone out of his way to refer to Palin as “Governor Palin,” but has no trouble saying “Gwen”? It’s either artificial toward Palin or insulting to Ifill, or possibly both.
9:59: See, Joe, you’re hopelessly out of touch with America. Nobody gives a shit about “nuclear” weapons. It’s “new-kyoo-lar” weapons that are the real international threat.
10:00: McClelland didn’t say anything opposite of that totally incomprehensible thing I just said. Which is why it just provoked the “good debater’s smile”: that look that says “you are such a hopelessly inept debater that I can’t reply to the point you just made, it’s THAT BAD.”


2 Responses to “Live from Pixie Manor, Pt V”

  1. 1 Meg

    When I saw that photo of Palin meting with Kissinger, I actually went, “I wonder if that’s the first Jew she’s ever had a conversation with…”

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