Live from Pixie Manor Pt IV


9:37: Insert “INVISIBLE GAY FRIEND” macro here.
9:38: She doesn’t support “anything but a traditional definition of marriage.” Tell that to your previous sentence, in which you said no one in your administration would stop people from negotiating contracts.
9:39: You both don’t support gay marriage? WHUT?
9:40: Does she really believe the surge worked, or is she saying that because she’s McCain’s running mate? …I really can’t tell. Wild guess: both, if only because I’d bet she’s no clearer on the difference between Sunnis and Shiites than McCain is.
9:42: With all due respect, I didn’t hear a plan either. Re: timelines: you know, no one has ever explained to me why we can’t have a timeline and just not tell the Iraqis about it, if “the turrerists” finding out about it is what we’re so afraid of. (Ending sentences with prepositions means the terrorists have already won.)
9:42: The surge did not “work,” genius. There is more Shiite-vs.-Sunni violence than ever. “Ethnic-cleansing”-type raids against Sunnis are higher than they’ve ever been, and consequently so are Sunni (and Shiite) deaths. The decreases in violence we have seen have a LOT more to do with Sadr calling off his Shiite militias than it does with our “surge.”
9:44: Stop bitching about who cut off funding for whose troops. Jeebus. We’re clear that Joe Biden has a plan and Sarah Palin is living in surge-success-fantasy-land. Wake me up when September ends.


4 Responses to “Live from Pixie Manor Pt IV”

  1. I was expecting the Democrats not to support Marriage for same-sex couples, sadly, in the current political climate it would be essentially throwing the election. Civil rights are a start though.

  2. I was SO upset when Biden specifically didn’t support marriage equality. He listed all these benefits that his campaign is in favor of, I cheered with every one, and I THOUGHT I heard him say the M-word. Then it went over to Palin and she just about gritted her teeth while saying that same-sex couples are fine, really, as long as they don’t pretend they’re as good as nice hetero married couples. Then Biden pretty much echoed her. *sigh*

    He did say that committed same-sex couples should have all the rights of committed hetero couples, which is a good start. And it sounded like he was taking the “marriage is for the church to decide, let’s leave that in the hands of the church and worry about the legal aspects” position — which I support as long as we scrap a legal definition of marriage and call it “civil union” for everybody, no matter what genders are involved. (I also support free ponies with every civil union. What the hell.)

  3. “Civil union” sounds like a group to which I pay dues at work. And “Domestic partnership” sounds like a partnership I enter into with my maid. Bleh. Poo on both of them. If we scrapped the legal definition of marriage people would still pitch a bitch fit because conservative hetero couples would say their marriage is a real marriage and they’d be insulted to have it called a civil union. I think the government should stay the fuck out of everyone’s marriage and just consider every couple a civil union, even though I hate the term, but that’s not really what the conservative fundamentalists want. They want the government to operate under the principles of their religion. Back when I went to the roller rink church, they help prayer services to keep Kerry out of office and to reelect Bush, because he was “our” president. Read: the fundie president. They believed their prayers were what kept Gore out of office four years before. They believed God was appointing His leaders because the U.S. was His nation, and really, what they want, even though they’ll deny this in public most of the time, is for everyone to have to be subordinate to their religious views.

    I still don’t hate Palin with the vitriol some people muster (and I sure as hell don’t think she’s stupid as some assert, sure, she’s clueless about a lot of aspects of government, but she’s a genius at getting her party to support her…she speaks their language so well it’s like she hypnotizes them and they can’t see any of her flaws) but the more I realize how much she reminds me of the pastor’s wife at the roller rink church, the more I’m able to see why people are afraid of her.

  4. 4 Dani

    I still don’t hate Palin with the vitriol some people muster (and I sure as hell don’t think she’s stupid as some assert

    Oh, I’m sure she’s not stupid. In fact, her political smarts are precisely what scare me about her. That, and her pastor’s wife hypnosis skills. She’s not a quick thinker, but she’s clever as hell.

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