Live from Pixie Manor Pt III


9:23: Palin, you are full of shit. You did not “undo” any federal tax legislation as governor of Alaska, because you CAN’T from your current position. Which you would know, if you’d read the Constitution – which I have no evidence you have.
9:25: Nooo! Not a rhetorical question! That’s the debate Hindenburg!
9:27: Because Wall Street has corruption, we should thank John McCain for fucking over the bankruptcy laws? Thank you sir, may I have another!
9:29: “I wanna talk about energy!” *bigsmile* Let me speak slowly and carefully just like I would in a pageant! Sorry, but Joe has better teeth.
9:30: But is energy independence the key to America’s future?
9:32: The polar ice caps are melting because of man. And Jesus rode dinosaurs. I still don’t understand the connection between our dependence on foreign oil and China’s pollution, but I’m clear on the Jesus-dinosaur connection.
9:34: We’re building a pipeline! Free us from dependence on foreign oil! What’s she going to fill it with, nougat? What part of the words “Peak Oil” does Governor Palin not understand.
9:35: “Nucular.” BURN HER!


2 Responses to “Live from Pixie Manor Pt III”

  1. 1. Did she actually say that Jesus rode dinosaurs in the debate? My sunday school class taught me that when I went to First Baptist as a kid. But I’m hoping you’re joking and that she didn’t actually say that on live TV, even if she believes it.

    2. I had a friend once who argued with me that “Nucular” is an alternate pronunciation, just as correct as “Nuclear.” Same with “Nuculus” and “Nucleus” in biological terms. She was a blowhard though. She was Elijah’s crazy girlfriend for awhile.

  2. 2 Dani

    LOL, no, she didn’t actually say Jesus rode dinosaurs. I just like to use that phrase as secondhand for “believes creationism should be taught as if there’s some kind of ‘controversy’ involved.” Which she didn’t say either, actually.

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