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As most of you know and the rest are about to find out, I’m an attorney.  I like to think of myself as a medical malpractice attorney, but the truth is that I do a lot more insurance defense law than I’d like to admit. Today, I’m drafting a motion for summary judgment on one […]



I almost don’t want to post this link, lest someone, somewhere, take it seriously.  But it’s such an overwhelming case of political misunderstanding, reading incomprehension, insular bigotry, and BIBLE FAIL that I can’t help but post it. I take solace in the notion that it’s in the WorldNut Daily…and lose that solace immediately when I […]

Recent commenter Jessica left this YouTube video, produced by the University of Michigan Health System, on how stem cell research is regulated. I’m re-posting it here in the hopes that more readers catch it. Gracie even watched it. What more do you need? And vote YES on 2. Science will thank you. (So will my […]

My absentee ballot arrived today. Whee! (If you’re looking to compare candidates and “pre-vote” your own ballot, has a handy tool for just such a task.) Goals: 1.) Do not destroy the country. 2.) MEDICINAL WEED. 3.) Vote for at least one candidate from every available party. The parties I can choose among are […]

I had a phone conversation last night with a law school classmate I haven’t talked to in about three years, which raised a couple interesting points from my perspective. The first was my long-buried indignation at the entire law school environment, which while fascinating is not suitable material for this blog, especially since it would […]

If you can’t think of a reason to vote yet, this ought to inspire you: I realize there is no good reason to convert to Islam apart from a sincere and passionate love of God. (Why no, I don’t think a fear of hell is a good reason to do anything; I have no interest […]

Short post, unfortunately, because my hands are killing me today. Ironically, I also learned today that my grandmother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 28. Convenient! Anyway, Gen. Colin Powell gave an eloquent interview on Meet the Press today in which he endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for President. Video is here. I have, unfortunately, […]