I am Remiss! a Placeholder


I have not fallen off the planet. If I’d update more, I wouldn’t have to reassure people I haven’t fallen off the planet. 🙂

Between work and doctors’ appointments, I’ve been pretty bushed the past few weeks. It turns out I have “some kind of inflammatory arthritis” in addition to fibromyalgia. This explains why the “fibro” pain has been steadily increasing over the past four months, yet not responding to treatment as “fibro” pain. I haven’t seen the rheumatologist yet, so I have yet to find out which kind of arthritis I have. The current frontrunners are palindromic rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and seronegative spondylitis. (My apologies to anyone who got here by Googling “seronegative spondylitis” – I don’t know what it is any more than you do.)

Meanwhile, I’ve also not been blogging because work has got me writing for nine hours a day straight as it is, so by the time I get home pretty much all I want to do is feed the cat and watch design shows. (The cat’s favorite is Top Design.) I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about white privilege, especially my own white privilege, which is highly ironic because I’m actually Romanichal. (“Gypsy” is the word you’re probably looking for.)

This post, then, is a placeholder, and it’s mostly to remind me to get off my ass and say something useful in the next few days.

Also, the asters are blooming today. Nothing this morning, but I get out of work and POOM! white mist as far as the eye can see. GODS I love fall.


One Response to “I am Remiss! a Placeholder”

  1. My cat’s favorite TV show is anything involving birds, or the Lord of the Rings. See my facebook page for pictures (one’s under “favorites” and the other under “catravaganza.” 🙂

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