Abortion as Birth Control: What?


Oh my god, you guys, did you know John McCain was a POW? Seriously, I JUST HEARD!


Sorry about the long drought; I’m fighting off the non-progressive disease which is nevertheless progressing.

In the meanwhile, I’ve come across an awful lot of people (or maybe it just feels that way) recently who proudly announce that they “are for choice, I just don’t want to see abortion used as birth control.”

To which I can only say:

1.) Who are all these women you think are running around using abortion as birth control? Abortion, once you’re past the Plan B stage, is NONTRIVIAL SURGERY. Women do not, as a rule, say to themselves “twenty-five cents for a condom? Screw it, I’ll just have surgery.” Especially not if they’ve already had one abortion.

2.) Then you’re not “for choice.” Being for reproductive choice means being willing to permit other people to make any of a range of choices, even if they pick the one you would not pick yourself.

3.) And even if you did proscribe “abortion as birth control,” how would you propose to enforce that law? Would you have the doctor ask every woman who comes into the clinic how she got pregnant? I suspect instant fail here, as most if not all woman are going to be aware of what they should and should not say, and the vast majority will say what will get them the abortion – “I was raped,” for example. Which could in turn cause the number of false rape accusations to skyrocket, thus causing women to lose whatever ground we’ve gained in having our rape accusations taken seriously.

4.) Proscribing “abortion as birth control” is just another variation on the misogynist tune that all anti-choicers play: it’s about punishing women for having sex. Period. It’s got nothing to do with “saving the children” and everything to do with making a woman whose Pill failed or condom broke or who just got caught up in the heat of the moment pay for the sex. And pay, and pay, and pay.

But it’s not like I’m impartial. Were it not for safe, legal abortion, I wouldn’t be here today.


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