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(Reposted from my LiveJournal.) …Someone explain this to me, because I really don’t see why this solution won’t work. As Paul Krugman points out in a link to NYT here, the original bailout plan had the government intervening at Step 4: failure of mortgage-backed security sales to adequately shore up cash flow. The bailout plan […]

(Reposted from my LiveJournal.) NPR conspired to get me all cranky this morning over the latest news out the GOP orifice. First, the VP debate is cut down to the highly-structured kindergarten version, because delicate flower Sarah Palin can’t handle defending her plans for the nation against a single U.S. Senator like a real live […]

I have not fallen off the planet. If I’d update more, I wouldn’t have to reassure people I haven’t fallen off the planet. 🙂 Between work and doctors’ appointments, I’ve been pretty bushed the past few weeks. It turns out I have “some kind of inflammatory arthritis” in addition to fibromyalgia. This explains why the […]

Oh my god, you guys, did you know John McCain was a POW? Seriously, I JUST HEARD! /troll Sorry about the long drought; I’m fighting off the non-progressive disease which is nevertheless progressing. In the meanwhile, I’ve come across an awful lot of people (or maybe it just feels that way) recently who proudly announce […]