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I aspire to the kind of clarity, thoroughness, and right-fucking-on-ity of this post. (Incidentally, the post also makes the point about ogling I was trying to make last week and never, I felt, really clarified, which is: No, it’s not enough to say “I’m just hootin’ and hollerin’! It’s not like I’m really out there […]

Believe it or not, there are still people in the world who have not heard me wax nostalgic ad nauseum about my days as a Girl Scout camp counselor/lifeguard/small craft instructor/ranger-of-all-work. This is not, however, a waxy-nostalgicky post. This post is about the endless noble war against camp songs. Yes, camp songs. My first introduction […]

It’s one of those days where a cane doesn’t feel like enough; one of those days where, despite all the medical insistence that fibromyalgia is not a progressive disease, I sense a wheelchair in my future. It’s also one of those days where my tendency toward solipsism bites me in the ass, since my serotonin […]

I have a long-time close friend (he knows who he is) who, while he’s damn near perfect in most other respects, is of the unfortunate opinion that feminism has done its job and can now go home and die. He’s said this several times in various contexts over the years, so I’m pretty sure it’s […]

Women’s clothing lines often don’t carry clothing large enough for all fat women or even most fat women. This is a problem. And it comes up often in the fatosphere. Not surprisingly – most women would prefer to leave the house in clothes, as a rule. But whenever the problem of finding clothing that fits […]

Ableist Crap


For having multiple ADA-recognized disabilities, for being reliant on a cane and the kindness of others, and for having dealt with my disabilities my entire life, I sure am being an ableist nitwit today. It’s small comfort, to anyone who is not me, that I’m only being an ableist nitwit to myself. There’s a wonderful […]

I spent the morning contemplating, of all things, racism in politics, after a New York Times article announced that while only 5% of pollees admitted they themselves would not vote for Obama because he’s black, 19% said they knew someone who would not vote for Obama because he’s black. Even adjusting for those who personally […]