Bread in 100-Calorie Packages. (Make Your Own Circus.)


If The Rotund is late to the 100-calorie pack party, then I’m hanging around the front yard the next morning trying to snag some empty beer cans.

But upon reflection, 100-calorie packs = the diabolically clever new incarnation of the Roman edict to “give them bread and circuses.” Give them bread, but give it to them in ridiculously arbitrary portions, and combined with a constant onslaught of messages about “portion sizing” and “calorie control” and “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” Enough of this combo, and you won’t even have to give people circuses. They’ll make their own, inside their heads, until something either explodes or they die of self-imposed starvation.

The result is the same as the Roman method, but the means are considerably cheaper: no circuses, and very little bread.

And we fall for this shit.


One Response to “Bread in 100-Calorie Packages. (Make Your Own Circus.)”

  1. I don’t know why I didn’t click through to your blog until now, but here I am, and anyway:

    SO MUCH HATE for the 100-calorie packs. It’s extra packaging and more money for less product. As an example, we get leftover nutritional bars sometimes, and this time there was a box of the 100-calorie kind. The bars were smaller and, more importantly, didn’t do any damn good! I was hungry again less than an hour later, when I only ate it in the first place because I was running late and could grab a bar faster than prepare breakfast.

    I have a similar rant on how the majority of frozen dinners in my supermarket are low-calorie meals (~500), and I buy them because I am lazy, not because I am trying to subsist on 1200 calories a day. So I eat all this food for lunch, and my eyes see that it has mass and volume, but when I am done? STILL HUNGRY.

    (Clearly the message here is that I need to be less lazy about cooking proper food.)

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