Post By Demand: Stress as a Trigger for Chronic Illness


Posted by popular request, so as to make easier the printing out and the stapling on people’s foreheads.

In the category Things I Am Sick of Explaining to People: Stress as a Trigger for Chronic Illness

1.) Stress is a major trigger for many chronic illnesses.

2.) People who suffer from chronic illnesses, particularly those for whom stress is a trigger, know this. They are also capable of recognizing when they are under a great deal of stress, and that getting sick while under stress merely puts them under more stress.

3.) Getting sick because you are under a great deal of stress is NOT a sign of weakness. It’s a sign that you have a chronic illness that responds poorly to stress.

4.) Stress is not psychosomatic. It’s not something you think happy thoughts at and it goes away.

5.) Neither the symptoms stress aggravates nor the underlying condition itself are psychosomatic. They do not disappear when we’re not under stress. If we’re more intent on getting treatment while under stress, it’s because we realize we’re facing an urgent situation, not because we’re “all better” the rest of the time.

6.) The fact that some pompous assholes insist that “stress is mental,” “oh, just suck it up,” and “you’re doing it to yourself” merely tells sufferers of stress-triggered chronic illness that these people are in fact the ones who don’t have a fucking clue what they’re on about. It also tells us these people are (a) incapable of GETTING THEM SOME EDUCATION and (b) FUCKALL USELESS. So please, go be useless somewhere else, where we don’t have to listen to you be useless. Your uselessness is only making our stress worse.


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