Little Girl Likes Her Brain


Okay, I admit it – it was totally that guest post that convinced me to start blogging “out loud” again. (I’ve been hiding in a friends-only LiveJournal for years.) Mostly I was convinced that, if I did blog things what others read, they would have to be brilliant. And really, who has time to turn out The Great American Blog Post(TM) every other day?

(Inner Blog Critic: “Every OTHER day? Lazy.”)

That, and I thought I “ought” to stick to one topic, and let’s face it – I’m just not eloquent on any one topic long-term. Except maybe Justice Scalia. But there’s something sick and ironic about that.

My name is Dani. I’m 25 years old, but I look 15 and feel 55. I’m an attorney who specializes, currently, in mailing out resumes. I like my brain. My body, which has fibromyalgia and most of its popular comorbidities, does not like me. I’m a figure skater and an occasional rock climber. I sing like crap.

I’m skinny as they get without a toe tag, and I wholeheartedly support fat acceptance – because fat people have the same capacity for hope, happiness, grief, fear, envy, ambition, and success as I do. Because – holy shit – they’re people. (So are people not of the same race as me. WOW.)

I’m a feminist because, contrary to popular belief, we’re not done yet.

And someday I’ll say something intelligent, witty, and possibly delightful. I promise.


2 Responses to “Little Girl Likes Her Brain”

  1. People who aren’t like me aren’t really people in my book, I look down upon them and their ways and try my best to hate them to death whenever I can.

  2. 2 Dani

    Which is, of course, everyone. Equal-opportunity misanthropy: it’s the new black.

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