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Fat is Contagious: How Sitting Next to a Fat Person Can Make YOU Fat Get your copy while they last, people. Scienterrism waits for no man! Advertisements

Posted by popular request, so as to make easier the printing out and the stapling on people’s foreheads. In the category Things I Am Sick of Explaining to People: Stress as a Trigger for Chronic Illness 1.) Stress is a major trigger for many chronic illnesses. 2.) People who suffer from chronic illnesses, particularly those […]

Okay, I admit it – it was totally that guest post that convinced me to start blogging “out loud” again. (I’ve been hiding in a friends-only LiveJournal for years.) Mostly I was convinced that, if I did blog things what others read, they would have to be brilliant. And really, who has time to turn […]

My Shapely Prose guest post is up: Read it!  NOW!  Or I’ll shrink you.